Many guests who recently stayed in California hotels may finally receive cash refunds from the hotels, but sadly, most of them are unaware of their rights.

This is because many hotels violated strict California laws requiring them to prominently display their rates or range of rates by date for lodging. Hotels often fail to comply with these laws so their guests would not discover when they have been overcharged.

Quick version: If you have stayed in a hotel in California within the past 30 days, you may qualify for a cash refund from your host. Requesting a claim evaluation is quick, confidential, and there is absolutely no cost associated with it.

Its unacceptable that such violations stay unknown and some hotel guests pay more than they agreed to without even knowing that their rights are being violated.

Finally Hotel Guests Are Demanding Accountability from The Hotels.

California Law requires hotels to have signs in both the lobby or office and in every bedroom in the hotel, which are prominently displayed. Each sign must contain both the text of Cal. Civ. Code § 1863 and a statement of rate or range of rates by date for lodging. If the hotel did not post these signs in either place or hid them in inconspicuous places, then their guests have recourse. 

Guests who likely qualify for cash refunds: 

(1) have stayed in the hotel within the past 30 days; 

(2) paid with the hotel directly (and not by way of an intermediary such as Priceline, Expedia, or Hotwire) within the past 30 days;

(3)  did not see signs reflecting current hotel rates in both the lobby or office and every bedroom of your suit.

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Maybe It’s Not That Big Of A Deal?

Some hotel guests may downplay what happened to them. No matter how minor the overcharge may seem to you, the hotel may still be obligated to pay you.  What’s even more shocking is that most guests who have recently stayed in California hotels simply don’t know how much money is actually owed to them… 

Finding out is quick, easy, and there is absolutely no charge associated with this process. 

To request a free claim evaluation, simply Click HERE. Don’t miss your 30-day window of opportunity.