Have You Been Sued By National Collegiate Student Loan Trust For Your Student Loan Debt?

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust is student loan servicer. If National Collegiate Student Loan Trust has purchased your defaulted student loan debt and has filed a lawsuit against you in California, don’t be discouraged, Hyde & Swigart can help. Hyde [...]

Do You Have Student Loan Debt With National Collegiate Student Loan Trust?

Are you a California resident who has a student loan servicer that has recently turned over your student loan debt to National Collegiate Student Loan Trust? If so, Hyde & Swigart may be able to help. National Collegiate Student Loan Trust [...]

Consumer Rights Workshop May 26 12 PM to 1 PM

Presented by Jessica Dorman, Esq. - Consumer Protection Attorney.  This workshop will guide attendees in understanding how credit works and how you can protect yourself from credit scams. The presenter will explain and provide tips on issues that consumers can [...]

Can Volkswagen Meet The Court-Ordered March 24 Deadline

A federal judge issued an order compelling Volkswagen to have a “fix” for the TDI 2.0 Liter diesel engine by March 24. The judge further ordered Volkswagen to submit its plan to the Justice Department by that date. The court [...]

Are Debt Collectors Contacting You At Your Place Of Employment After You Have Requested Them To Stop?

Debt collectors will routinely contact consumers at their place of employment in an effort to collect a debt. Debt collectors engage in this manner because they are aware that most consumers cannot take personal calls at work. Because debt collectors […]

What Is A Voluntary Repossession?

I CAN MAKE THE CAR PAYMENTS OR I CAN MAKE THE REPAIR PAYMENTS, I CAN’T AFFORD BOTH! VOLUNTARY REPOSSESSION Often times the defects, which occur shortly after the purchase, can be very expensive to repair. If the dealership refuses to […]

Why Do We Have Bankruptcy Laws?

  Bankruptcy laws were meant to allow us the freedom to take risk, and yes, fail. Among new businesses, about 50% fail within the first five years, and about 70% fail within ten years. The key part, and where bankruptcy […]

When Debt Collectors Call Third Parties

  Having collectors come after you for a debt can be a traumatic experience. It’s embarrassing enough to receive calls from a debt collector and to have to tell them that you can’t pay for the debt. Imagine how mortifying […]

When Is Debt Collection Illegal?

If you’re behind on your bills, you’ll probably get calls from debt collectors. Their job is to get you to pay or make arrangements to pay. But any debt collector who harasses or threatens you is breaking the law. The […]

The Disclosing Debt Collector

If a debt collector is calling you, they must disclose that they are a debt collector attempting to collect a debt   Are debt collectors contacting you at home? On your cell phone? At your place of employment? The FDCPA, […]

Fair Credit Reporting Act Violations

Creditors, Collection Companies and the Credit Reporting Agencies (CRA) violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in many ways.  A few common violations are furnishing and reporting inaccurate information, mixing up files, failing to follow debt dispute procedures or obtaining […]

Garnishments, Levies, and Liens! Oh My!

How to File a Claim of Exemption   Receiving a notice of Garnishments from your employer or a letter from the bank regarding a lien can be a frightening thing. Whether you knew this was coming or not, there is […]

Is Bankruptcy Right For You?

Medical expenses, job loss, and divorce are the leading causes of bankruptcy. If you are in financial turmoil dealing with wage garnishments or bank levies, bankruptcy may be the right option for you. Our knowledgeable attorneys can debunk common bankruptcy […]

Are Debt Collectors Contacting You At Work?

One of the primary (and highly illegal) tactics utilized by debt collectors when collecting upon debts is to contact consumers directly at their place of employment.  Debt collectors understand that consumers, in an effort to (1) not lose their job; […]

The Proliferation of “Robo-call” Waivers

TCPA Robo-Call Ever receive what is commonly termed a “robo-call” to your cellular telephone?  Likely you have.  More and more consumers are receiving unsolicited pre-recorded telephone calls placed to their cellular telephones.  These obnoxious calls have increased over the past […]

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